paintbrush UP!

Hello from the arts & crafts  lessons! Here, we are learning how to paint with different materials and exploring textures. Balloons, tickbrushes, glitter, everything is available. We have so much fun with colours and of course, step by step. RaquelIMG_4105 IMG_3691 IMG_6809 IMG_6823 IMG_6831 IMG_6847 IMG_6845 IMG_6859 IMG_9075 IMG_6854 IMG-8614 IMG_6835 IMG_9077 IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_8846 IMG_6819 IMG_1471 IMG_4110 IMG_6855 IMG_9086 IMG_8358 IMG_9076 IMG_1473 IMG_4005 IMG_3671 IMG_6843 IMG_3694 IMG_1456