On Thursdays, we discover our skills while we are  jumping hoops, walking on benches, practicing our balance through a circuit and more incredible activities.  We love it because we learn english at the same time!   Los jueves, descubrimos nuestras habilidades mientras estamos saltando aros, andando sobre bancos, practicando nuestro equilibrio en circuitos y muchas actividades […]

Orejas de mariposa


A estas alturas del curso todos los niños hemos sido protagonistas, y esta semana le ha tocado el turno a nuestra profe Pilar. Ha compartido con nosotros fotos de cuando era pequeña, de su familia, amig@s y viajes y también nos ha traído su peluche favorito  y cuentos nuevos que hemos añadido a nuestra biblioteca […]

Learning new letters


In our four years old class, We already know the vowels, so we are learning how to write them and how to link them.  In addition, consonants are going to be our new friends. En la clase de cuatro años ya sabemos las vocales así que ya estamos aprendiendo a escribirlas y cómo unirlas. Además […]

Playing with numbers

2018-03-07 15.28.34

We love maths because we can learn and play at the same time. These are a  very easy activities which you can do it at home too. The first one is a puzzle with numbers that helps you to do it. You can print or draw a picture and then colour it. You distribute equally, […]

Spanish Inventions


Hello! Last week was our Cultural Week at school. We learnt about Science and Spanish inventions, we enjoyed a lot. During all the week we discovered that the mop, the soccer table, the wheelchair and even the chupa-chups were invented by Spanish people, so clever!. Our 2nd grade friends came to taught us how to […]

Look at my toy!!

2018-01-31 16.32.06

Sofia is the main character this week, so she brought us an incredible toy. It´s a traditional  game but now, we can play with sounds and colours while we are learning numbers at the same time. We had to take our shoes off because we didn´t want to break it and  we  loved it. Thank […]